Glocal Project

Josh from arts umbrella in Vancouver taught us how to use Glocal. Glocal is a picture project where you take special technology and take pictures with a webcam. Our options were spiral, square like images, and multiple squares. Then you get very weird pictures . Odd weird; and funny. We glved them all together to make a big picture with a bunch of pieces of random stuff. The experience was good. I liked doing the Glocal project. The picture on this post is one of the pictures I‘ve done. It’s my favorite picture and I hope you enjoy it.

Curiosity Box

Greetings my fellow readers. Did you have a good day? If you didn’t then here’s something to take your mind off of it. This is a story about a box, but you might find this a scary story and also a rough copy. I hope you enjoy it. Sincerely Jacob. 


                                                              The Curiosity Box

There were three guys locked in a white room. They were locked in there with a box. A white box. And they wondered what was inside. Dan opened it. Then the lights went off for ten minutes. The lights came back on. There was nothing in the box. They heard breathing. Breathing noises. Then they looked at the darkest corner of the room and they saw a thing that really looked gross. It had spikes for a back and long claws for nails and skin so dark so green looking that it seemed something mad, crazy, evil. It jumped onto Bill then threw him in the corner. It climbed a wall and tried to take out the lights. Larry grabbed it. Larry was thrown into the corner and he got hurt. Dan had matches. They grabbed the thing then they put it in the box, stepped on it, but before they stepped on it they threw lit matches in there. The box started to burn. The thing inside was screaming a terrible shriek like you would hear in horror movies. Then they stomped on the box. Green and black goo came out. They waited a few hours. Then the green goo went back inside the box and something weird came out. The exact same thing except it had bigger spikes, sharp claws for hands and sliced Larry’s face. The guys got out of the door and had more matches and lit the whole room on fire and all that was left was green goo and spikes. They left the place and it blew up. Then they saw the place was crawling with the same kind of thing. They found a car and drove away and went to a store. Nobody was there. They took dynamite…lots of dynamite. They built a bomb. Then they set it off in the center of the city and went over a bridge and put dynamite everywhere and lit the fuse while they were in a car and they drove off. The things tried to follow. The entire city blows up and nothing is left but bits of fire smoke decayed buildings and a blown up bridge. All the things were on the bridge and after the explosion they fell and went into the water. Slowly they turned to stone and sank. Afterwards they crumbled into little bit size pieces. Then Dan, Larry, and Bill got away to another city and they never went back there ever again.



Human Evolution ? by Nwardez.Sometimes real life heroes are born and sometimes heroes are made in their own special way .When a person does a good deed they become a good person. A lot of good deeds make’s them a hero. A hero never asks for anything, they just do good deeds. Hero’s are people that do things because they know that it’s right.
I think fireman, soldiers and policeman are heroes. Soldiers protect our countries, policemen protect our cities and firemen protect our homes and cities. I wouldn’t want to do these jobs because I might die. People that choose these jobs know they might die. I think they are brave and extremely caring.

Do you want to be a hero?


Picture By:  Nwardez


Blogging Research Wordle by Kristina B.

I’ve been a blogger since September 2008; the experience has been very good. When you are a blogger you can blog about any subject you want; but, if you are a student the subject may be up to your teacher. If you are a person living at home you can blog about anything. My teacher let’s me choose what kind of blog I want to write about and if it’s appropriate I can type it. To make a good blog post you would need an exciting story and pictures, because a blog post without pictures is just words; but, sometimes the words can still be exciting. I like it when people comment on blogs because it’s nice.

What has your experience with blogging been like?

Picture By:  Kristina B


No smoking by mag3737.Do you know about D.A.R.E.? D.A.R.E. is a program to help kids make good choices in life. My class does it we also learned facts about alcohol, and smoking. For example I learned in D.A.R.E. that alcohol causes brain damage and smoking causes lung cancer. If I have a strong urge to smoke I chew some gum. If I have a strong urge to drink I drink something other than alcohol.
Alcohol causes many things. Kidney damage, brain damage, and it can be addictive. Alcohol is like a poison that can destroy many lives. It makes people do wrong choices. And people when they are drunk, their appearance changes. They may look like their eyes go down a little, they smile very weirdly, and they are completely unaware of what they do.
Smoking is wrong. Cigarettes have 200 known poisons in them and smoking can cause heart disease and lung cancer. Sure, you don’t get those diseases yet; but, you will if you smoke a lot. If someone smokes a little bit they will get addicted to it and it is really hard to stop. Smoking can change your appearance by having yellow teeth, yellow fingers, and giving you bad smelling clothes and hair.
If someone walks up to you and offers you a beer what would you say? Well guess what, you always have the choice to say no. If you don’t have any choices that come to mind always know you have D.A.R.E. knowledge.



Picture By: Mag3737

You Wanna Know About My Spring Break?

Well I could tell you this … my spring break was awesome! I had lots of time to sleep but woke up early a few times and couldn’t tell what time it was. I had a chance to make a transformer out of card board boxes and I had time to play with Jake and Jesse. There father came from Australia and stayed for a week. He was cool and he was very awesome to meet. I watched television and it was a good time watching great shows. My favorite part of spring break was watching two new episodes of Transformers Animated season three.

Six Things That Make Me Happy

I am happiest when:

1.  It’s my birthday.  I like opening presents and eating birthday cake.

2.  Playing with my toys.  I like Starscream and all my Transformers the best.

3.  It’s a sunny day, it’s a Monday, no clouds, it’s summer and there is no wind.

4.  I’m building projects like robots or remodifying my transformers with my hot glue gun.

5. Its a holiday, like christmas. I like to be with my family. I love eating my grandma’s homemade mashed potctoes with gravy for supper. I also like opening my stocking.                               

6. Getting a hug from Mrs.Snowdon and a hug from my grandma make me happy.








Photo by:jovike

If I Went To Space

iPhoneJM_wallpaper_nasa_0053 by SWP Moblog.

If I did go into space and could only bring five things I would bring:

1. One of my transformers.

2. I would bring my grandmother; but, if I couldn’t I would bring a picture of her.

3. I would bring a picture of my family.

4. I would probably bring a towel that I have because it keeps me comfortable.

5. I would ask people to give me letters so I would not miss them as much and it would help when I get home sick.

Picture by SWP Moblog

Moving day!

Well; today is moving day! I’m going to be moving into a new house close to union bay. It’s a very big change for me because I will be going to my grandmother’s house very early in the morning to catch the bus the rest of the way to school. The house I live in now is the house I’ve spent all my years in. I will miss waking up in my home and I will miss my bedroom. I will have a lot of fun in my new house because it’s new to me and two boys live there. I have only been there once and I had a headache on the way and I couldn’t see how to get there because I was sleeping most of the time. It was very dark. What I saw at the house was a woody doll and it had a guitar. I really wanted it. It was a great toy.

The Alert Program

Our class did The Alert Program. The first thing we learned from The Alert Program was engines. People have engines. They can go to low, just right, and high. There is some ways to get to a just right engine. Breaks are a good way to get to a just right engine. An engine that is not just right is an engine that is angry and hyper or mad and hyper. I made a just right engine to express what I had, if was low, high or just right. I could let people know with the pointer on the paper plate if I am in a high, low, or just right engine.